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Friday, 5 June 2009

Thrice nay!

It's a nonsense title for a post, but I was just thinking of Frankie Howerd.

I have a shameful admission. I lied in my last post, or at least mislead you, dear reader. There were 5 projects - though I suppose the scale of this one didn't really register on the need to win scale.

I made a mega-rom adapter for my Atom. I haven't inserted a large image for a while (Matron!), so here goes:

The mega-rom! In an Atom! It allows me to page in one of 16 4k images into the address space allocated to utility software in the Atom's address map. The switch carried with dignity at the end of the cable allows a user to perform the magic. But you probably worked that out.

Don't you just love the green and yellow striped electrical tape? I was speaking to an electronics fashion pundit at the RCM event and they told me (in the strictest confidence) that this years projects simply must have green and yellow electrical tape! Being the capricious sort that I am I simply have to agree, at least for today.

I have been expanding my horizons, not to mention my old computers - ha ha, with contraptions such as this, fabricated with board spacers and socket strip. These nifty connectors are ideal for making up adapters like the one above.

Pictured: A board spacer is sized up by an interested socket strip

I've tried a number of different makes but these are by far the best - If I were Victor Kyam I'd buy the company. Which is SamTec if you're interested. No, I'm not receiving a back-hander. Though if you're reading, SamTec - well let's just say I'm interested... ;)

There is a slight wrinkle in the construction of these boards. The socket has to be mounted on the same side as the pads. I've yet to find a supplier of through-hole plated proto-board, but when I do I'll use it for this purpose. In the mean time, I use one of two methods. The first involves a 'cost efficient' socket - the pressed pin variety. Splay its legs akimbo and apply solder. Place it right-side-up on the padded side of the (woeful , now I think of it) protoboard that my local electronics supply chain provides. It rhymes with Craplin if you're wondering. Affix to the board with a swift application of iron. Bingo! The 2532 adapter for the tier jerker was manufactured using this method. Apply your eyes to the previous post for a fine example.

The second method, as used here, involves the socket strip. Place this adjacent to the spacer, at chip's width naturally, and solder the pad to the socket where it meets the board. You need a fine iron and a steady hand for this so no beer or porn beforehand. Ooh which reminds me... What?? Oh hush, I'm not soldering tonight.

Here you see socket strip and spacer conjoined with solder bridges. Which are surprisingly hard to make intentionally!

Lordy I've wittered on long enough. I have an SD2IEC to attend to. Please excuse me :¬)

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