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Wednesday, 11 February 2009


It's all go at the moment. Last weekend I attended my first DorkBot London meeting. I must confess I didn't really know what to expect but spent a very pleasant, if cold, day in the company of feverishly soldering artists and makers. I spoke to many people about uFat and the new DevicePrint library. This is some code that allows formatted textual output to a buffer in memory and thus onto some form of persistent storage...

You can get the new library here SMB_LIBRARIES. It adheres to the principles introduced in uFat:- it is lightweight and device agnostic. It should work with any storage medium as long as there is a function available to write a 512 byte sector.

The the code is initialised with a pointer to a buffer, some basic information about the destination sector area, and a writer function. From that point on you are free to use the familiar .print() functions which are best known in their Serial library incarnation. The Arduino base library provides you with so much more than a blinking LED ;)

As usual (1) - there is copious documentation in the form of comments and an example sketch configured to use MMC storage for you to play with. If you wanted to try it out without any devices available then you could always change the write proxy routine to dump the stored data to serial.

As usual (2) - comments welcome!

Toasted and


Anonymous said...

Sir Morris,

Many thanks for DevicePrint and uFAT2. You've made working with SD memory far easier than I immagined. At the moment, the description of my exploits with your libraries is the most popular post on my blog.

I appreciate all of your hard work.


SirMorris said...

You're welcome!

robertmuil said...

Hi there,

The links to your uFat2 library appear to be broken. Is it still available?

Would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Matt said...

Dear Sir Morris,

I tried your beautiful library and writing functions all OK! Thanks...
I look forward to see if reading SD card from arduino gets the same easy way via uFAT2?? Can you post a little "dptest(read).pde"kind ??


Anonymous said...

Sir Morris, unfortunatelly since 1st Feb GoogleCode no more support your files, can you store them in another way? Sorry my bad english.

Ricardo from Brazil

SirMorris said...

Hi Ricardo, thanks for this information.

I'll see what I can do about updating a location for these.

Thank you for making the time to write in English - and be assured that there is nothing bad about it - I don't know a single word of Portugese!

Anonymous said...

Sir Morris,

First of all - thank you! I realise a lot of work must have gone in to all you've done so thank you so much for sharing!
Secondly, I was hoping you could point me in the right direction: I've been hunting for your SD libraries for the Arduino but haven't found anywhere with a working download. Are they still available somewhere?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hey, is there any way of providing a new link to your ufat2 library? It would be much appreciated.

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